Thursday, November 17, 2005


I just reread my last post and feel the need to clarify. I have the greatest respect for cognitive neuroscientists. To me they're the pioneers of the true final frontier, the mystery of consciousness, something that has fascinated me all my life. I'm honored that my twist on Hawkins' Memory-Prediction Framework is being taken seriously by true scientists, especially Bernard Baars and Christof Koch (assuming Christof was in fact inspired to write The Movie in Your Head after reading my MPT article at SCR).

When I stated - too bluntly, I'm afraid - that the MPT will be proven correct by technologists before scientists, I certainly had no intention of implying there's a race on. I wished only to draw attention to the fact itself, that technologists are in this case apparently taking the lead in proposing and proving a scientific theory. It seems significant to me. Could it be symptomatic of the accelerating change phenomenon currently consuming our species, a harbinger of the coming technological singularity?

My goal with this blog is to reach out to the scientific community on behalf of a point of view consisting of Hawkins' ideas about the brain mixed with a few of my own. Christof Koch was kind enough to tell me that my hypothesis can't be validated with modern scientific tools. I wish only to express appreciation for that, and wonder how science might participate in the proving of my theory. It's rumored that Dale Antanitus, whose work I reference, is close to publishing a new book. Perhaps the answer is there.